Register for the 2024-25 school year

Steps for Admission:

3. Once your application is completed, CCCA will contact you within 2 weeks to set up a time for an evaluation for your student and an enrollment interview for the parents.  A student testing fee of $25 will be charged per student. 

4. If CCCA decides we can serve your student, you will receive an acceptance letter. Tuition for the 2024/2025 year is $3,800 per student; each student is also assessed a $200 supply fee and $50 curriculum fee (the school is purchasing supplies and books for the students this year).  

5. The final step after acceptance is to fill out enrollment paperwork and submit a nonrefundable security deposit (the last two month's tuition of $760 per student). A student is not considered enrolled and their spot is not held in the class until the enrollment paperwork is complete and enrollment fees are paid.  The first security deposit payment of $380 is owed on May 1st, and the second $380 is owed on June 1st.  The supply and curriculum fees are owed on July 1st.

6. When you attend CCCA, you will still be a homeschooler and will need to register with an umbrella school (we can assist in finding an appropriate umbrella school).

7. Both parents are required to attend orientation and at least one parent is required to attend 3 additional parent trainings throughout the year.  Parent involvement is key to your student’s success in CCCA. During the initial mandatory orientation, parents meet the teachers and receive very important information regarding the content, format, and specific requirements of each class as well as the expectations of each teacher.